Marketing kierunku – Veni. Vidi. Vici.

„Kości zostały rzucone” powiedział Juliusz Cezar przekraczając Rubikon, po czym zmienił historię Imperium. Wiele się od tego czasu wydarzyło, jednak prawie 2 tysiące lat później wciąż obowiązuje ta sama zasada – aby być skutecznym trzeba zrobić ten pierwszy, często najważniejszy krok. Jak nie zbłądzić promując swoją destynację? Czym się kierować i na jakich informacjach opierać, aby nie był to krok w złą stronę? Na te i inne pytania odpowiedzą nasi eksperci. Wyzwanie godne prawdziwego Cezara (tylko, gdyby nie Ci uparci Galowie…)

Panel prowadzony w języku angielskim*

11:35 – 11:40 Prezentacje TTA 2018 / Debiut roku

11:40-12:00 Burkhard Kieker / Chief Executive Officer of Berlin Tourismus & Kongress GmbH

Brand Berlin – From Walled City to World City/ *eng

Tourism & Congress Statistics
Come Back Story: Like a phoenix from the ashes
Brand Berlin: Berlin 365/24
Acceptance in Tourism – visitBerlin´s approaches: HIER in Berlin Tour; meet & change; going local app; dialogue with locals, …

So, welcome to Berlin, the city of freedom.


12:00 – 12:20 Łukasz Wysocki / President of the Board of Gdansk Toursim Organization

All about brand. Do it Visit Gdansk way/ *eng

A recognizable brand carries incredible potential. That’s an old truth known to all who run companies. One, that also applies to other industries, including tourism.  A good brand is a key to attracting customers and in a sense, after some time, starts to work by itself provided it’s adequately supported. Not a big deal if you inherit a strong brand. But what if you have to create one from the scratch?

Well, long story short: not easy, but possible. Even a must! Łukasz Wysocki, Gdansk Tourism Organization CEO, will tell you exactly how VisitGdansk – an official tourism brand of over 1000 year old Gdansk, was created. How it’s maintained and how the city profits thanks to it.


 12:20-12:40 Olivier Ponti / Manager Research at Amsterdam Marketing / Chairman Research & Statistics Working Group at European Cities Marketing

From data to action: how do you do that? / *eng

In the Digital Age, data is king. But what to do with all this data? How to translate it into concrete actions likely to improve the performances of companies and destinations alike? (Big) data expert Olivier Ponti has been struggling with these questions for the past 15 years. The real-life solutions he has experimented in Amsterdam and Paris have delivered clearly identifiable results and provide food-for-thoughts for other major European metropolises. In his presentation, Olivier Ponti will show through a great variety of examples drawn from his own experience how data can be a major game-changer, and that making the most of it may be less a matter of tools than a way of thinking.


12:40 – 13:00 Robert Bębęn / University of Gdansk, Associate Professor/ Brunon Synak Pomeranian Science Institute

From data to action: how do you do it in Poland? / *eng







13:00 – 13:15 Debate: Burkhard KiekerOlivier Ponti, Robert Bębęn, Łukasz Wysocki  /*eng

*prezentacje w języku angielskim nie będą tłumaczone